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Warmup before the storm

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The schedules for the TWHS Boys Lacrosse indoor leagues at Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports are below.

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports: 4696 Cosgray Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026.

Players: We will wear red shorts and white socks. A league pinney will be provided, but please bring a spare dark/light reversible pinney if you have one. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to game time. Bring all gear including mouth guards. If you can't make it to a game please notify the coaches below ASAP so we can make accomodations.

Varsity Indoor Coaches: Tim BerridgeAndrew Endicott
JV Indoor Coaches: Rob Bootes, Graham Cochran, Rich Stiver



Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports

HS Black Varsity Lacrosse Schedule


A-Upper Arlington Black/Olson                    G-Thomas Worthington/Nordquist

B-Upper Arlington Gold/Olson                     H-Darby/Schmeling               

C-Watterson Maroon/Sauter                       I-St. Charles Red/Harnett

D-Watterson Gold/Sauter                           J-St. Charles White/Harnett

E-Coffman Green/Comisford                       K-Jerome Green/Asmo

F-Coffman Black/Comisford                        L-Jerome Gold/Asmo


Week 1 (11/11)                                                                       Week 6 (12/16)

A vs. B            4:20pm                                                                        D vs. B 4:20pm

C vs. L            5:10pm                                                                        E vs. L 5:10pm

D vs. K           6:00pm                                                                        F vs. K 6:00pm

E vs. J            6:50pm                                                                        G vs. J 6:50pm

F vs. I            7:40pm                                                                        H vs. I 7:40pm

G vs. H           8:30pm                                                                        A vs. C 8:30pm


Week 2 (11/18)                                                                       Week 7 (12/30)

L vs. B            4:20pm                                                                        H vs. A 4:20pm

A vs. G           5:10pm                                                                        I vs. G 5:10pm

H vs. F            6:00pm                                                                        J vs. F 6:00pm

I vs. E            6:50pm                                                                        K vs. E 6:50pm

J vs. D            7:40pm                                                                        L vs. D 7:40pm

K vs. C            8:30pm                                                                        B vs. C 8:30pm


Week 3 (11/25)                                                                       Week 8 (1/6)

E vs. H            4:20pm                                                                        K vs. L  4:20pm

F vs. G            5:10pm                                                                        F vs. A 5:10pm

L vs. A            6:00pm                                                                        G vs. E 6:00pm

B vs. K            6:50pm                                                                        H vs. D 6:50pm

C vs. J           7:40pm                                                                         I vs. C 7:40pm

D vs. I           8:30pm                                                                        J vs. B 8:30pm


Week 4 (12/2)                                                             Week 9 (1/13)

H vs. B  4:20pm                                                                        D vs. G 4:20pm

I vs. L  5:10pm                                                                         E vs. F 5:10pm

J vs. K 6:00pm                                                                         A vs. K 6:00pm

A vs. E   6:50pm                                                                       L vs. J 6:50pm

F vs. D   7:40pm                                                                       B vs. I 7:40pm

G vs. C  8:30pm                                                                        C vs. H 8:30pm         


Week 5 (12/9)                                                             Week 10 (1/20)

L vs. H   4:20pm                                                                        G vs. L 4:20pm

B vs. G   5:10pm                                                                        H vs. K 5:10pm

C vs. F   6:00pm                                                                        I vs. J 6:00pm

D vs. E   6:50pm                                                                        D vs. A 6:50pm

J vs. A   7:40pm                                                                        E vs. C 7:40pm

K vs. I   8:30pm                                                                        F vs. B 8:30pm


Week 11 (1/27)

K vs. G 4:20pm

L vs. F 5:10pm

B vs. E 6:00pm

C vs. D 6:50pm

A vs. I 7:40pm

J vs. H 8:30pm


Week 12 (2/3)

A vs. C 4:20pm

B vs. H 5:10pm

G vs. D 6:00pm

K vs. L 6:50pm

E vs. I 7:40pm

J vs. F 8:30pm


Week 13 (2/10)

D vs. I 4:20pm

A vs. E 5:10pm

F vs. G 6:00pm

B vs. L 6:50pm

H vs. J 7:40pm

C vs. K 8:30pm


Week 14 (2/17)

B vs. D 4:20pm

G vs. I 5:10pm

C vs. E 6:00pm

A vs. F 6:50pm

K vs. L 7:40pm

H vs. J 8:30pm





Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports

HS Silver JV Lacrosse Schedule


A-Coffman/Comisford                                                 F-Buckeye Valley/Heiser

B-Upper Arlington Black/Olson                                    G-Bradley/Tracy                   

C-Upper Arlington Gold/Olson                                     H-Thomas Worthington/Nordquist

D-Pickerington Central/Todd                                      I-Jerome/Asmo

E-Jonathan Alder/Davis                                             J-St. Charles/Harnett


Week 1 (11/11)                                                                                   Week 6 (12/16)

A vs. B  12:10pm                                                                                  C vs. F 12:10pm

C vs. D  1:00pm                                                                                    A vs. G 1:00pm

E vs. F 1:50pm                                                                                      H vs. I 1:50pm

G vs. H  2:40pm                                                                                    J vs. D 2:40pm

I vs. J  3:30pm                                                                                     E vs. B 3:30pm


Week 2 (11/18)                                                                                   Week 7 (12/30)

J vs. H 12:10pm                                                                                  H vs. E 12:10pm

A vs. F  1:00pm                                                                                   B vs. C 1:00pm

G vs. E  1:50pm                                                                                   A vs. D 1:50pm

D vs. B   2:40pm                                                                                  F vs. I 2:40pm

I vs. C 3:30pm                                                                                    J vs. G 3:30pm


Week 3 (11/25)                                                                                   Week 8 (1/6)

D vs. E  12:10pm                                                                                  A vs. E 12:10pm

J vs. F 1:00pm                                                                                     F vs. B  1:00pm

A vs. I 1:50pm                                                                                      G vs. D 1:50pm

B vs. H  2:40pm                                                                                    J vs. C 2:40pm

C vs. G  3:30pm                                                                                    H vs. I 3:30pm


Week 4 (12/2)                                                                                     Week 9 (1/13)

C vs. E  12:10pm                                                                                  C vs. H 12:10pm

I vs. D 1:00pm                                                                                    A vs. B 1:00pm

A vs. J 1:50pm                                                                                    D vs. F 1:50pm

B vs. G   2:40pm                                                                                  E vs. J 2:40pm

F vs. H   3:30pm                                                                                 I vs. G 3:30pm


Week 5 (12/9)                                                                         Week 10 (1/20)

B vs. J 12:10pm                                                                                   A vs. H 12:10pm

A vs. C  1:00pm                                                                                    B vs. I 1:00pm

D vs. H  1:50pm                                                                                   C vs. D 1:50pm

E vs. I  2:40pm                                                                                    E vs. F 2:40pm

F vs. G  3:30pm                                                                                   G vs. J 3:30pm



Week 11 (1/27)

A vs. C 12:10pm

B vs. D 1:00pm

E vs. G 1:50pm

H vs. F 2:40pm

I vs. J 3:30pm


Week 12 (2/3)

A vs. F 12:10pm

B vs. G 1:00pm

C vs. E 1:50pm

D vs. J 2:40pm

I vs. H 3:30pm


Week 13 (2/10)

D vs. F 12:10pm

C vs. I 1:00pm

A vs. G 1:50pm

B vs. E 2:40pm

J vs. H 3:30pm


Week 14 (2/17)

D vs. E 12:10pm

B vs. H 1:00pm

C vs. G 1:50pm

A vs. J 2:40pm

I vs. F 3:30pm






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