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Bylaws of the Claremont Colleges Men’s Lacrosse Club

 Article I: Name & Purpose

  1. The name of this organization shall be the Claremont Colleges Men’s Lacrosse Club (“the Club”).
  2. The official mascot of the Club shall be the Cougar.
  3. The official mission of the Club shall be, "The Claremont Cougars are committed to developing an inclusive family built on respect, integrity, and pride in the game of lacrosse. We hold each other responsible for these values both on and off the field and strive to be leaders in the Five-College community."
  4. The purpose of the Club is to provide all students at The Claremont Colleges with the opportunity to play organized lacrosse in a safe and welcoming environment. Students will have the opportunity to be a part of a committed team that competes against lacrosse teams from other colleges and universities. The Club shall help all members develop athletic skills, sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork while becoming involved with the Claremont community. The Club is open to beginners through advanced players. The Club also shall support the promotion and development of the sport of lacrosse.

Article II: Membership

There shall be three categories of membership:

  1. Voting Members. Any student currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at The Claremont Colleges is eligible for voting membership. There are no tryouts to join the Club; however, the coaches shall determine the final playing roster for games taking Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association eligibility rules and all other factors into consideration. Students must complete and sign the appropriate roster and release forms to become an official voting member. Membership is not restricted due to age, citizenship, color, disability, race, religion, national origin, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. Membership may be revoked if an individual represents the team or The Claremont Colleges in an inappropriate manner. Loss of membership shall be determined by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.
  2. Alumni Members. Any voting member who graduates or otherwise leaves The Claremont Colleges is eligible to become an alumni member. All former players who were part of the Club before the adoption of these Bylaws shall automatically become alumni members. Alumni Members are eligible to play in the annual alumni game and participate in other activities when invited by the Club.
  3. Honorary Members. Upon recommendation of the Executive Committee, any person may be accorded honorary membership in recognition of their involvement in and support of the Club and the sport of lacrosse.

Article III: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the managerial body for the Club. The voting members who are elected to these leadership roles have the responsibility of implementing the decisions agreed upon by the membership. The Executive Committee must consult with the voting membership before making any major policy decisions or changes within the Club. The Executive Committee shall consist of the offices of President, Treasurer, and such other positions as may be decided by the voting members.

  1. President
    a. Presides over the Executive Committee meetings and general meetings of the Club.
    b. Represents the Club at all appropriate campus meetings.
    c. Is the representative voice for the Club.
    d. Has the right to delegate responsibility for specific projects or topics to any voting member.
    e. Is responsible for coordinating all Club events.
    f. Unless otherwise decided by the voting members, the office of President may be shared by two co-presidents, one of whom shall be a senior and one of whom shall be an underclassman.
  2. Treasurer
    a. Handles the financial accounts of the Club.
    b. Keeps a permanent record of all transactions.
    c. Coordinates all fundraising events.
    d. Develops a budget for the coming year and submits it to the Executive Committee for adoption.
    e. Coordinates the submission of the budget and other documents to the student governments for funding and participates in all required student government meetings.

Article IV: Committees

The Executive Committee has the right to create new positions and appoint voting members to fill new positions. Positions that may be beneficial are a Public Relations Chair, who publicizes lacrosse events and maintains alumni relations; a Field Manager, who prepares the field for games and practices; a Transportation Chair, who plans all road trips; a Social Events Chair, who plans and executes the annual alumni game and other Club activities; a Recruiting Chair, who works to bring new players into the Club; and/or a Webmaster, who maintains the Club’s website and manages the Club’s social media. The Club may have a fundraising committee that will develop ideas to raise money for uniforms, equipment, apparel, and travel expenses.

Article V: Election and Voting

  1. Each spring, the voting members shall elect new Executive Committee members by majority vote. Voting may be conducted in person or by email ballot.
  2. Unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee, voting for such annual awards as may be determined by the Executive Committee shall be conducted at the same time as the vote for new officers.

Article VI: Meetings

  1. At the beginning of each semester, there shall be an official meeting of the voting members to discuss plans for the upcoming semester. The Club reserves the right to schedule mandatory meetings when called by the Executive Committee or by the Head Coach.
  2. Announcements may be made at practices and disseminated by email.

Article VII: Coaches

  1. The Club shall retain a Head Coach and such assistant coaches as appropriate. Selection of coaches shall be approved by a majority vote the Executive Committee. The coaches shall abide by all Claremont Colleges coaching procedures and policies.
  2. The Head Coach shall select the team captains with the advice of the Executive Committee.
  3. Designated members of the Club may coach the team in an absence of the coaches.

Article VIII: Advisor

At the end of each school year, the Executive Committee shall choose an Advisor who is a full-time Claremont Colleges faculty or staff member to serve for the next academic year. The Advisor shall attend Club meetings and events as their schedule permits. The Club shall keep the Advisor informed of all pertinent information.

Article IX: Removal

Removal of a member of the Executive Committee, an Advisor, or a Coach shall be by a 3/4 majority vote of the voting members at an official meeting scheduled one week in advance. The vote shall be accomplished by secret written ballot.

Article X: Dues

  1. Annual dues shall be set by the Executive Committee and shall be payable to the Treasurer on or before the first practice in January of each year. Players who practice with the team in the fall shall pay an installment of half the annual dues on or before the first practice in the fall.
  2. Any player who provides proof of financial hardship to the Treasurer shall be eligible for a dues reduction upon a work-play agreement that shall benefit the Club.

Article XI: Affiliations

The Club is an official student club of The Claremont Colleges authorized by the student governments. Unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee, the Club shall be a member of the Southwestern Lacrosse Conference and the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association.

Article XII: Approval/ Ratification

These Bylaws shall be ratified upon approval by 3/4 of the voting members. Amendments may be approved by 3/4 of the voting members at an official meeting or by email ballot.


Adopted September 19, 2018



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