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Cougars Lacrosse History

In 1958, the Claremont Lacrosse Team became the first college lacrosse club in Southern California. Prior to 1978, Claremont Lacrosse was a club organized around the Colleges, but which also included faculty and community members including marines from Camp Pendleton. Games were played against college teams on Saturdays and against other clubs on Sundays. In 1978, the Western Collegiate Lacrosse League was formed. Claremont was a founding member, along with UC Berkeley, University of Arizona, Arizona State, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford University, and UCLA. The WCLL established uniform rules for student participation. Throughout the history of Claremont Lacrosse, the team has kept up a high level of performance, last winning the divisional title in 2003. Among former coaches are Dr. Gabe Smilkstein, Lacrosse Hall of Fame Member Bill Wootton (1964 to 1980), Professor Dan Guthrie, Professor Jerry Eyrich, and Rick Starratt CMC'82.


2017 Cougar team photo

Cougars 2017


2016 Team Photo

Cougars 2016



Cougars 2015



2014 Cougars

Cougars 2014



2013 Cougars

Cougars 2013



2012 Cougars


Cougars 2012



2011 Team Photo

Cougars 2011


2010 team photo

Cougars 2010


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1974 team photo

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1969 team photo

Claremont 1969


1963 team photo


 1962 California Lax Champions

 Claremont 1962

CMC members of the Claremont Lacrosse Club at the 1962 California Lacrosse Association Championships
Dean Davidge '65, Coach Gabe Smilkstein, Malcolm Starr '65 (top)
Dick Cline '65, Roger Garriott '65, Arthur Todd '64 (bottom)



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