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Team Mission Statement
It is the mission of the UCSB Women's Lacrosse program that through team building, intense athletic competition, and participation in the management of the program, we can instill a sense of team ownership, foster life-long friendships, promote healthy living habits and build leadership skills that will carry well beyond each player's time here at UCSB.

UCSB Recreation Department
UCSB Women's Lacrosse is one of twenty-four sport clubs competing under the Recreation Department at University of California, Santa Barbara. The program competes regionally in the Western Women's Lacrosse League (WWLL) and nationally in the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (WCLA), of U.S. Lacrosse, the National Governing Body for the sport. This association governs regular season and national championship tournament play and enforces the use of student-athlete eligibility rules similar to those of the NCAA. UCSB is one of the lead programs in the WCLA and is also one of a select few programs nationwide to carry A & B teams based on interest in participating. Additional teams compete at UCSB in the Intercollegiate Athletic Department. These are the NCAA Division I scholarship programs. Women's lacrosse is non-scholarship at UCSB.

UCSB Fall Ball Squad Training (Updated 7/1/16)
UCSB Fall Ball Squad practices last for six weeks. Practices are on the UCSB RecCen Turf Field (Campus Map) MW from 4 to 6pm & Thursday 6 to 8pm. Full squad practices start the second week of Fall Quarter instruction. The first team dues payment is $400 per person (covers clothing & gear players get to keep) due two weeks into practice. Everyone pays this regardless of when they join the team and everyone also pays the Rec Sports $35 participation fee. See "Team Dues & Fundraising" section, below.
Fall Team Skills & Strategy Training Sessions
  • Beginner Lessons, MW 4 to 6pm & Th 6 to 8pm at UCSB RecCen Turf Field.
    • Beginners are eventually incorporated into regular team practices.
  • Returners, Recruits and Experienced Walk-Ons, MW 4 to 6pm & Th 6 to 8pm at UCSB RecCen Turf Field.
    • This is same time as beginner lessons but instruction will be in separate groups. 
  • A or B Team first round placements are made two weeks into Fall Ball. 
  • Wear your issued team black shorts and blue/white reversible jersey at practice. Until issued, wear similarly colored athletic clothing (black shorts) or a reversible jersey from your past lacrosse life. 
  • Bring a full water bottle, a lacrosse stick, goggles and a molded mouth guard. (Loaner sticks available by request).
The full practice calendar is available on this website. The only regular reason to miss practice is if you're in class so plan accordingly.
 ***Please Read 'Joining The Team and 'Team Dues & Fundraising' Sections***

Winter & Spring Quarter Practices (In-Season)
Attendance at practice & training is required to be on the team. See the Team Attendance Policy, below. 
Monday Through Friday Practices
Team RecCen Turf
A Team Winter & Spring 2017 Times TBA
 MTWThF Schedule
B Team Winter & Spring 2017 Times TBA  MTWThF Schedule
  • Weekends with a game on a Sunday will result in a day off on Monday.
  • Athletic Performance Center (APC) is in Rob Gym 1420.
  • See our Team Calendar for day by day information about try-outs, training days, game days and days off.

Team Attendance Policy
It is important for everyone to be at the same practices at the same time. Being in class is the only reason a player should miss practice but everyone should schedule their classes around practice. In the event you need to take a class to graduate (that you can't take another time) communicate in advance directly with the head coach. Unexcused absences from practice include but are not limited to dentist & doctor appointments, housing meetings, shifts at work, travel home early for the weekend, a roommate's ride to the airport, parents in town for something that is not practice. This includes any and all activities that are not class. All possible conflicts should all be scheduled around practice. Your practice time with your team is not the time to make appointments or other activities that are not a class.
New students getting their class schedule at summer orientation need to know they have practice from 2 to 4pm and need those two hours available. You will log into GOLD for the first time to get classes and you are in control.

Join The Club!
UCSB women's lacrosse is an open try-out program with A & B teams. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary. We'd like to have 12 beginners come out for the team every year. Experienced players are also, of course, welcome. Even if you weren't recruited we have a spot in the program for you. Beginner lessons start the first Tuesday of Fall Quarter. Try it to see if you like it.

Steps to Take to Join:
1. Contact head coach Paul Ramsey if you have questions.
2. Fill out the on-line Player Info Form on the team website and submit it to try it the first week and/or join the team.   
3. Using your UCSB Net ID to log in register as a Rec Sport / Sport Club athlete on the UCSB Recreation Department website. The fee to register is $35 and this is a registration fee, a try-it fee and a try-out fee. The fee is non-refundable. Your team dues will be collected later once you decide to stick with it.
4. Clear your schedule for practices, scrimmages and games.
5. Be ready to pay your First Installment dues payment of $400 by the end of the second week. Payment methods include cedit card, BARC form or check payable to UCSB Women's Lacrosse. See Dues & Fundraising for more information.  All dues and fees are non-refundable once paid.
6. Join our Facebook GroupClick Here so you can network with other players and get word from us when we need to send it.
7. Ask your home physician to sign your Clearance Form.  See the information and links to Health History Forms below. Doing this at home will save you money. Getting the physical at UCSB Student Health Center is expensive. 
Schedule your classes around practice. If you have class during these times then log into GOLD and change to another section. Crash classes if necessary. If you are unable to free your schedule for full participation at practice then contact head coach Paul Ramsey at or (805) 636-6772 for options. First years getting their class schedule at summer orientation be adamant about needing 2 to 4pm free. The counselors can do it for you if you stick to "needing it to be on the team."

All sport club athletes need to get an annual physical and turn in the Clearance Form signed by a physician. The only part of it that needs to be turned in is the Clearance Form. The Health History form is for you to fill out in case you're going to a physician who does not know you or see you regularly.

Bring the Clearance Form with you to school and have it ready for when your team captains ask for it. 

More About Fall Ball

Fall Ball is a fun time of preparation, training and bonding. Beginner lessons let anyone try it to see if they like it. This is a low key and fun way to see if being on the team is right for you. Eventually players get placed on either the A or B team. The regular season is January through April.

Q&A / Team Meeting (First Wednesday of Fall Quarter at the Fun & Fitness Festival)
The women's lacrosse Q&A happens at the Recreation Department Fun & Fitness Festival. It also serves as a team meeting so newcomers may ask questions and meet other team members. Returning players will be at a table waiting for you. This event is held the first Wednesday of Fall Quarter at the Recreation Center (RecCen). Attendance is not required to participate on the team. Prospects may also just fill out the Player Info Form here on the team website once they're sure they would like to try lacrosse.

General Practice and Time Commitment Information
As team sports go being part of the UCSB women's lacrosse program is not a big time commitment. Practices last 2 hours or less and most games are one day a week on a weekend, with some exceptions for tournaments and road trips. Weekends with no games are scheduled whenever possible to minimize the weekend commitments. The competitive season is January through April but the program has about six weeks of fall practice, called Fall Ball, for three days a week. During the competitive season practices are Monday through Friday. Read more in the team attendance policy section and please plan accordingly.

Players should schedule classes around practice.  If you currently have class during practice then log into GOLD and look to change to another section. If you are unable to free your schedule for full participation at practice then contact head coach Paul Ramsey at or  (805) 636-6772  for options.

Maximizing Practice Time
1)  Numerous players over the years have been able to set up their class schedule so they never miss practice their entire career. We don't receive priority registration from the University so it takes commitment, diligence and effort.
2)  Being in class is the only reason to miss practice but this does not mean it's okay to schedule class during practice if you have other options and are committed to your team.
3)  Minimizing/eliminating missed practice is in your best interest and the best interest of your team.
4)  If you have to miss any part of practice and you have a choice it is better to miss the first hour of practice than the second hour.  Team concepts (plays, scrimmage situations, etc.) are taught and drilled in the second half of practice. This does not mean missing the first hour is okay.
5)  Winter Quarter is the quarter to go all in for being at all of each and every practice if it's at all possible.
6)  Fall and Spring quarters, in that order, are the ones where if you have to schedule a class that conflicts with practice they are the time to do it. Fall first because we're not in season for games that count toward standings and national rankings. Our league and national championships are in the spring. However, if you're choosing between Fall Ball and Winter/Spring for when to take a course make sure it's offered and you will be able to get into it (early enough pass time, etc.).
7) None of these guidelines are meant to indicate it's okay to schedule a class during practice.  See #1, 2 & 3, above.

Team Dues & Fundraising
All dues and fees are non-refundable once paid. Important to note up front, there's no second hit for travel costs. Everything comes from the club budget funded by the dues & fundraising, which are the primary resource for funding the program.

The amounts required to meet the budget are set annually by the leadership. The Rec Sports student-athlete registration fee is $35 and the First Dues installment of $400 is typically paid Fall Quarter, but is due when you join the program even if that's Winter Quarter. The Second Dues installment of $600 (B Team) or $850 (A Team) covers both Winter & Spring quarters and is due at the end of January. 

Remaining on the team is a requirement for receiving team gear. A player forfeits her rights to team gear if she quits the program.

B Team Players     A Team Players
$400 1st Payment   $400 1st Payment
$600 2nd Payment   $850 2nd Payment
$1,000 Total Dues   $1,250 Total Dues


Team Funding Sources
The program has four primary sources of income for its budget. These sources combine to cover expenses for team travel, clothing, coaching, entry fees, hotel nights, officiating and other game day expenses. Annual expenses exceed $165,000 combined for the A, B & C teams in the program. With this budget players do not pay out-of-pocket for travel, clothing, hotels, etc. during the season.

Zero comes from the University. Budget figures include 20% coming from a UCSB Rec Sports allocation (student fee sources), 27% coming from player dues, 36% coming from fundraising and 9% coming from donations.

1)  Allocation From UCSB Recreational Sports (17% of Total Budget) - This is funded by a student fee referendum through Associated Students and Campus Elections. It is an assessment all students at UCSB pay to support various Recreational Department programs such as Adventure Programs, Intramurals and Sport Clubs. It is not funding from the University or the State of California. It comes from the student body to the Recreational Sports Department to distribute to Sport Club teams.
2)  Player Dues (27% of Total Budget)  - Every player has an amount to pay that contributes toward the budget. The team leadership sets the amount at the beginning of the academic year. All dues and fees are non-refundable once paid.
3)  Fundraising (36% of Total Budget) - The program runs income events that make up a major part of this figure. Additionally, every player has an amount to raise that contributes toward the budget through sales and other personal effort. The team leadership is responsible for coordinating opportunities that add up to the amount each player needs to raise.
4)  Donations (17% of Total Budget) - These are from parents, alumni and fans of the program who believe in what we're doing and who are fortunate enough to be able to donate. This is an area of funding we really need to increase. More activity here and our students can be relieved of some of the personal time fundraisers and dues that make up 75% of the budget. Please use the Give & Give Back page of our team website to make a donation of any amount.

Team Officers and Roles
As a sport club program, the UCSB Women's Lacrosse team is self-supporting. For this reason, a number of off-the-field duties are expected of each player. While all members are expected to play a part in the management and support of the program, a number of specific leadership positions organize the structure of our team:
Team President, Vice-President: These positions are usually held by the A Team Captains but do go to the players most interested in contributing to the administration. They oversee all other officers and ensure that their duties are completed correctly and on time. They assist all officers and team coaches whenever needed. They ensure communication concerning team responsibilities to be constant among all members.
Chief Financial Officer:   Assists the head coach as needed managing the program budget, team purchases, travel expenses, filing travel, reimbursements and referee payments. Responsible for Associated Student Finance and Business Committee proposals, requesting the annual $250 OSL start up funding, and coordinating the financial end of fundraising events. 
Fundraising Coordinator: Facilitates all fundraisers for the team. Works with other officers to organize personal effort fundraising sales, the annual Fall Tournament and the Santa Barbara Shootout.

Team Performance, Nutrition & Stickwork Packet
The performance packet includes information about sports sports fitness and nutrition. It can be applied to all aspects of your training. This includes team training and individual workouts over breaks. Rest and recovery days are an important part of training so pay attention to them.
Players going home to snowy climates with icy roads are expected to adapt the workout as necessary if they feel they must work out indoors.

Winter Beak Workout

The performance packet includes information about sports fitness and nutrition. The winter break workout starts after final exams with running, weight training and stickwork via wall ball. It can be applied to all aspects of your training. This includes team training and individual workouts over break. Rest and recovery days are an important part of training so pay attention to them.

Players going home to snowy climates with icy roads should adapt the workout as necessary if they feel they must workout indoors.

Spring Break Workouts
We have an every other day workout to complete during Spring Break. These are a run workout every other day and a strength workout every other day. Double up and do them both the same day and then take the next day off or alternate them, doing something each day of the break.  The running workouts utilize interval training methods, they're pretty intense and they're a change-up on what we've been doing. You will not be bored. 

The interval training will help us prepare to perform at altitude. Each workout should take about an hour from start to finish. That's all you need to do. Use your recovery days but be sure to go all out on your workout days. Some players have overdone it during these workouts in the past and may not have taken all the rest days that were prescribed. Conversely some other players didn't do much of anything. It would be great if everyone was right in the middle of these two extremes.

Fun & Fitness Festival (First Wednesday of Fall Quarter 1:00pm to 4:00pm in RecCen Grass Area)
We will have a table at the Fun & Fitness Festival at the Recreation Center. Stop by to meet the team leaders. It's a good way to find out about all the fun & fitness opportunities at UCSB and women's lacrosse will be there.

Not An Undergrad At UCSB (SBCC Students, Westmont Students and UCSB Grad Students)

  • SBCC students have their own team. Go to for more information.
  • Westmont students should get a Westmont team started. If you're a Westmont student please contact the Westmont Student Life Office to get information about starting a club.
  • UCSB Grad students may play for the UCSB A or B teams if they have WCLA eligiblity remaining. Contact head coach Paul Ramsey.
  • Adult post-collegiate players may go to the Santa Barbara Lacrosse Association (SBLA) website to find out about adult teams in Santa Barbara County.



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