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SBCC Form R-4 & EADA Report

SBCC Intercollegiate Athletics participation and interest data is reported annually on a California State Form R-4. The form is a statement of compliance of Title IX gender equity at the college. The EADA report dives deeper and has more information about participation and spending by gender in Intercollegiate Athletics.



Some SBCC Form R-4 Information:

  • 54% of the students are female.
  • 38% of the intercollegiate athletes are female.
  • 2019 was the year the most recent new sport was added (women's beach volleyball).
  • College statements made in the Form R-4.
    • “Continue to work with the CCCAA to encourage lacrosse as an emerging sport via the Gender Equity Committee.”
    • “We are working with the CCCAA's Gender Equity Committee to pursue legislation that would expand the amount of time that emerging sports have to get to full team schedules and thus move from emerging sport status to CCCAA Intercollegiate Sport status.”

Additional Information:

The college's position is that since the 3C2A doesn't sponsor women's lacrosse as a sport the college can't add women's lacrosse as an intercollegiate sport. This despite other community colleges do offer intercollegiate sports that are not 3C2A championship or emerging sports. This includes precedents set by Fullerton College intercollegiate women's lacrosse and Orange Coast College intercollegiate women's crew. The new California Community College Women's Lacrosse Association (3CWLAX) may be an opportunity for SBCC to catch up. 

Read more about the history of SBCC Women's Lacrosse students demonstrating interest in competing in their sport at SBCC and that interest not being accommodated. 



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