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Field Space Issues Slow Down Vaqueros

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Field Closed  

Santa Barbara, CA - The SBCC women's lacrosse club couldn't be stopped on the field during the regular season in Spring 2023.  The Vaqueros went undefeated in conference play before eventually finishing 12-3 overall. Appearances in the WWLL semifinals and the WCLA National Tournament were other highlights of the season. Ultimately, though, administration slowed down the club in 2024. 

The SBCC women's lacrosse program started in 2007-08 and almost every year since then women at the college have formed a team and shown they want to play lacrosse. The exception is the Covid-19 year all of athletics at the community college level paused. The restart in 2021-22 was stymied by holdups with administration but then the team had the previously mentioned breakout year in 2022-23. At the same time the WWLL reported on the surging interest in the sport at the community college level in California Community College Lacrosse Taking Off.

The women's lacrosse club leadership renewed their charter with the Office Of Student Life in the fall but could not get an answer on a field space request in time for players to schedule classes around practice. Momentum from the banner spring season stalled without help from the SBCC Administration. Vaqueros who didn't coincidentally have practice time slots free from their class obligations trailed away. Ironically, the men's lacrosse club was awarded the same time slots for their practices this year the women's club had used last year and requested this year.

Eventually the club was offered Wednesdays 9:45am to 11:00am and Fridays 6:00 to 9:00pm but it was too late for class schedule planning, coach availability and the required full-time faculty advisor availability. Club vice-president Sofia Martinez-Tomatis felt down but not out about pushing through a season without timely coordinated school field space.

"It was a bummer when we found out the men's team got the times we asked for but we were determined to keep going," said the sophomore who had transfered from playing at Sweet Briar College to come back home. Martinez-Tomatis played her high school lacrosse at nearby San Marcos High School. 

SBCC opened up the season going 1-1 at the Santa Barbara Shootout but then could not maintain without the advanced college support for field space. The Vaqueros were effectively stopped from playing. Previously it seemed their demonstrated interest in competing in their sport could have been a highlight for the college Title IX Office and the Board of Trustees but it was not the case. The new California Community College Women's Lacrosse Association (3CWLAX) may be an opportunity for SBCC to catch up. 

The Vaqueros have withdrawn from the WWLL to get started on planning for 2024-25. More than twenty women show interest in playing lacrosse at SBCC every year. The club will recruit them and push through with the Office of Student Life again to keep their dream alive. 


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