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SBCC Men's and Women's Lacrosse clubs are Sport Clubs competing under the Office of Student Life at Santa Barbara City College and the Recreation Department at UCSB. The men's lacrosse club competes as an independent. The women's lacrosse club competes regionally in the Western Women's Lacrosse League (WWLL) and nationally in the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA) of U.S. Lacrosse, the National Governing Body for the sport. This association governs regular season and national championship tournament play and enforces the use of student-athlete eligibility rules similar to those of the NJCAA. The SBCC women are a WWLL D2 team and a WCLA D2 team and compete for both of those championships, the league championship and the national championship.

Mike Terry Takes The Reigns At SBCC - Aug 10, 2014

Mike TerrySanta Barbara, CA - Mike Terry has been selected as the next head coach for the SBCC women's lacrosse club. Terry comes to Santa Barbara by way of Lacrosse Unlimited after a playing career at Kean University in New Jersey but has had some career moves along the way to becoming a Vaquero. After prepping at Columbia High School the Maplewood, New Jersey native entered Cabrini College where he played for one season before transfering to Kean. Terry felt he had a late start in lacrosse and had to work to catch up to be ready to play at his high school. He had picked up a stick on his own but he didn't join a team until ninth grade so he felt behind compared to other kids in his neighborhood and had to outwork more experienced lacrosse players to get a spot on the team.

Says Mike, "I first picked up a stick in 7th grade but didn't start playing organized lacrosse until my freshman year of high school. I started out late but I strongly believe hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. I knew I was behind the eight ball but countless hours of shooting in the backyard and hitting the wall got me to where I needed."

Terry's work paid off and he became a two-time all-league player while at Columbia High School.  In 2007 he was a mdifielder on a Cabrini team that won a conference tittle to make an appearance at the NCAA Tournament. The following year, after transfering, he helped Kean to their first conference title in school history to make his 2nd NCAA tournament appearance. After Terry's collegiate career he continued playing post-collegiate lacrosse in the American Lacrosse League with Tri-State Lacrosse.

Mike TerryTerry is here in Santa Barbara as administrative assistant for the Santa Barbara Lacrosse Association (SBLA) and coaching SBCC will be one of two roles he relishes. Both the SBLA and the SBCC women's lacrosse club will benefit from his organizational and people skills. He managed the store so well for Lacrosse Unlimited in Montclair, New Jersey he was asked to coordinate the opening of a new location in Paoli, Pennsylvania and make sure day one and year one went well for the company and the public. 

Terry started out coaching as the JV coach at Columbia in 2011 and quickly moved up after his team won the Essex County JV Championship. In 2012 he was an offensive coordinator for the varsity team that advanced all the way to the New Jersey state quarterfinals. Managing the stores for Lacrosse Unlimited kept Terry out of coaching for a while. He got back into it coaching for NXT Sports in Philadelphia with a unique program called Trashcan lacrosse that focuses on playing fast with outside the box (no pun intended) concepts and drills. 

The sport of lacrosse has done so much for me and now I want to pass on my knowledge, passion, and love for the game to the next generation of lacrosse players,"  said Terry.

Mike Terry Coaching Philosophy

"Earned and not given," is the basis of all of it for me says Terry. "Nothing is ever given to you. If you want something you have to put in the work and effort to get there. I believe you play your best lacrosse when you're having fun. There is no better feeling than getting a hard earned W and looking back knowing you left it all out on the field, and had fun while doing so."

Staff Starts

Alexandra BenjaminOne of the staff coaching with Terry will be first-time assistant coach Alexandra Benjamin who played goal keeper at Trinity College in Connecticut from 2001 - 2004. The Weston, Massachussets born and raised Benjamin is one of three sisters who played goalie in college. The first sister, Sarah Benjamin, was a goalie at UCSB from 1995 - 1998. The second sister, Lisa Benjamin, played goalie at Davidson College in North Carolina from 1997 - 2000 and is the career saves leader for the Wildcats with 679 saves in 3,350 minutes in 60 games over four years. Alexandra is the youngest of the three sister goalies and started for Trinity her junior and senior seasons. She was in a Goalie Nation Feature at the end of her junior year in 2003. Alexandra works at UCSB in the Design & Construtcion Services Department in charge of capital improvements.

Terry plans to fill one additional assistant coach position by the start of the regular season. SBCC students Elise Bonfiglio, Kendall Johnson and Savanah Miller-Lambridis round out the leadership roles for SBCC women's lacrosse. Together the five of them will guide the Vaqueros through the fall ball season.



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