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MadLax is not sponsored by any of the local recreation departments, and player fees do not cover the total cost of running the club.  We are supported by the generous donations of friends and family and sponsors.  Additionally, the club participates in several fundraisers throughout the year, at which the players are expected to help.  The fundraisers help meet the gap between expenses and income.  The money raised is used for buying new uniforms, transportation, equipment, etc.


In the past, our fundraisers have included a Poinsettia sale, Applebee's Pancake breakfast and selling food at the Massanutten Fourth of July celebration.  We welcome help in this area. as well as any fundraising suggestions. If you or your company/organization would like to help sponsor us, that would allow us to offer even more opportunities to your children.



Comments or questions about MadLax fundraising, or suggestions for future fundraising ideas, can be sent to



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