2014 Del Ray Cross Over Rcap

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Big weekend for the Roadside and Graveside crews in South Florida, Feb. 8 and 9
Gravesiders lost the first game in OT, after being down 6-1 in the first quarter. As the come-from-behind mentality seems to be a trend for the Dillos (look to last year's championship come back), i was not surprised to see the old men fight back against a talented Fort Lauderdale team. Gravesiders won the last two games, and finished 2-1, with an overall record of 6-1.
Roadsiders were able to roll through the competition as well. Having gone 3-0 this weekend, the overall record is 7-0, and that locks up the number 1 spot for the playoffs! We saw some talent from other teams at the cross over (hogtowne and fort lauderdale) so we will need to bring the heat for the playoffs, MARCH 8 and 9 in Orlando.
Roadside wins were highlighted by Tony Brown's three SportsCenter worthy goals against Dade. THE FIRST TIME IN 6 YEARS WE BEAT THIS TEAM! We then beat Tampa 12-6, and Palm Beach 15-5. Goalie play was strong and everyone played a key in this weekend's successes. Thanks for all who made the drive, some just to play in one game.


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