The "Lax Bro" Player of the Week

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The coaches are always conveying that as lacrosse players we are members of a special group, we like to call ourselves "Lax Bro's.".  As you travel around the town, state and country, lacrosse players share a special bond.  As our sport continues to grow our group keeps getting bigger and yet that bond continues.


As members of our organization and of the Spring Lake community I want to reward players that go above and beyond in the simple things in life.  Looking out for each other, doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do, just being a good "Lax Bro."


This season, each Friday we will award the "Lax Bro" of the week.  I encourage everyone to keep your eyes open all week long for Spring Lake lacrosse players (all ages, boys and girls) doing nice things not only on the lacrosse field but in school, at home, work, or wherever you are.  Nominations can be made to your coach at any time during the week who will then pass that along to Doug Sharp.  


Each week's winner will receive a small gift certificate to a local merchant and will be the "Lax Bro" player of the week.


The inaugural winner of the "Lax Bro" player of the week is ... Eric Teays.


Eric was driving home from practice when he saw a younger player riding his bike home when his lacrosse stick got tangled in the wheels and caused him to be thrown from his bike.  Eric pulled over, made sure he was okay, helped gather the players things and threw them in his truck and gave him a ride home.  A small gesture that makes a big difference!  Congrats Eric for being a great "Lax Bro!"


2nd "Lax Bro" Player of the week is ... Michael Tomasczczyk!  He sold the most t-shirts for our team fundraiser selling 41 shirts.  Nice job Michael!


3rd "Lax Bro" Player of the week is ... Peter Rick!  We had an injury plagued week of games with Joey Rohloff and Noah Rick both sustaining serious injuries during games.  The one common theme to those injuries was that Peter Rick was the first on the scene to help comfort those players.  Peter also left in the first half of the first game of a double header to help and comfort his brother Noah as he rode from Grand Rapids to Muskegon with a dislocated elbow.  That's a lax bro!


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