Rules for using SL LAX Stadium

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We have had some questions about how/when to use the lacrosse field at the High School.

-The field is available when not in use by SL Public Schools (Lax, Band and other athletic programs) -The field may not be used for organized practices or games unless approved by the SL Athletic Dept -The Press Box and Rest Rooms are locked and off limits
All play must end by exceptions
-Leave the field in as good or better shape than when you arrived
Enter and exit through the side gate ONLY...the lock has been removed effective today!

**The field is open on a trial basis. The SL District will continually review and monitor the use and condition to determine if this can become a permanent situation.

***Parental supervision required for grades 6 and below...this is not a daycare facility and NOT negotiable. Any rules violation will result in suspension or termination for athletes or families participating in SL Lacrosse activities.

This advancement for the SL Lacrosse Organization has been a desired result for years. Again...please take ownership and keep expectations high in regards to how the field is used and cared for moving forward.

This proposal is built on trust. Together we must earn the right to keep this as a permanent solution for our athletes!

I will be attending practices for each team (3 thru HS) after Spring Break and will speak directly to all of the athletes in the program about expectations regarding the field as well.

I am excited for our athletes...they will benefit greatly and will gain valuable experience playing the sport we all love on a field that was built specifically for that purpose!

Myron Molotky
Spring Lake Lacrosse President


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