2019 Season Kick off message from SL Lacrosse President Molotky

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Go Lakers!
Welcome to Spring Lake Lacrosse 2019!
The SL High School Varsity and JV lacrosse teams are off and running and preparing for a historic run this year. The growth and culture of our program continues to drive success on and off the field at all age levels! We expect, weather pending, to get off to an early start this season with the youth programs. All teams are preparing to start practice next week.
Please watch your email for announcements of practice and game schedules. We are finalizing specific locations for the various teams. While most practices will be held at the Middle School, the 3/4 teams may settle in at the high school this year.
Below, please find the link to the document used at the parent meeting. We appreciate the great turnout, but if you were unable to make the event, please review this document and contact us with any questions. SL Lacrosse Board Members, Youth Directors and Coaches contacts are included.
Highlights for 2019:
-Close to 300 athletes will participate in lacrosse for SL teams this season
-Youth Directors are guiding the way and are responsible for accountability of the youth experience
-Coaching Directors will be working with every coach and team this season to stay on track with expectations for development of the athletes specific to each age level
-We have the largest coaching staff in the history of the program, primarily volunteers giving their time to develop your athlete at the pace designated by the SL Lacrosse Board
-The WALL-our greatest noncoaching asset! We expect that the wall will be built and available right after Spring Break 
-The STADIUM-the locks have been removed and availability for use has been extended to ALL of our athletes
-Communications-Like us on FB, follow the SL Lacrosse Website, Visit the SL Lacrosse Store
-Get Involved-Be Involved!! We encourage all parents to be involved. The SL Lacrosse community is self funded and has been traditionally worked by the few (The 5% rule). We need you. The team managers will assign various tasks throughout the season. Get a jump on it and volunteer rather than be assigned!!!
*Don't Be That Parent*
Protocol has been established for communications for anything lacrosse related.
-24 Hour Rule...think, evaluate, determine the degree of an issue. Advocating for our children is important, but do not let your emotions create a problem that may not exist.
-No Tolerance Rule...verbal or other towards referees, players, opposing parents, coaches, SL staff. Spring Lake has always conducted our presence in a first class manner. Anything less will result in a "vacation" from SL Lacrosse.
-Stages of Parenting-
1. Enthusiastic and Helpful-We love it! And in our experience this has been the overwhelming majority!
2. Advocating and Intense-We understand it! Lacrosse is the greatest sport that exists, and emotions run high. We are all parents as well and know the importance of advocating for your athlete. Just keep it in perspective.
3. Cra-Cra-We are not doing this! When you have crossed the line, there are no do-overs. This is the one that ends up on my desk, and by then you are labeled cra-cra.
All calls concerning the above should ONLY be directed to our Youth Directors:
Boys' Youth Director: Rich Brown rich@brownwebmail.com
Girls' Youth Director: Susan Vinkemulder susan@vinkemulder.com
Thank you for all that you do! We expect another epic season of SL Lacrosse!
Go Lakers!
SL Lacrosse President


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