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Our club has moved from Google Docs and cash/checks to a new online all in one registration platform called Sports Engine.  We are finalizing all of the forms and setting up the bells and whistles and anticipate opening up registration at the parent/player meeting next week.  We'll spend some time walking through the new platform so everyone is comfortable with the process.  Some of the benefits of the new online registration and beyond are:

  • Ability to better track who's registered and paid
  • Able to set up several payment options - one time, payment plans.
  • One click reporting - making it easier to pull rosters for team managers, game day rosters, etc.
  • Communication - we'll be able to send mass texts/e-mails with last minute changes to games, locations, weekly updates, etc.

Registration will be opening shortly.  Once it's open we'll post the link here as well as some instructions on the process.


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