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Caddo Magnet Lacrosse Equipment


*The only piece on the picture you are not required to wear is rib pads

The team has some used equipment available for use by players who are new to the game.  While you will eventually want to purchase your own equipment, don't get overwhelmed by the thought of purchasing new equipment at the start of the season.  Borrow a stick (crosse), to throw the ball around with friends and come out to practice.  We are confident that you will love the game and being around your teammates.  Don't let equipment (or lack of experience) keep you from participating in a sport you will grow to love!

Lacrosse Head: The Louisiana High School Lacrosse League has adopted the NCAA Rules governing the dimensions of the stick head.  The main difference is that the throat of the stick head is wider, making it easier to dislodge the ball and making cradling skills more important.  Not all stick heads comply with the NCAA Rules, so before you purchase a new stick head, you should make sure that it is NCAA compliant.  The head should state that it meets NCAA requirements.  This link has a list of compliant heads.

If you are not sure if your current stick head meets the NCAA Rules, the team has purchased an Official's Card that can measure the dimensions of your stick head.  Do not go out and buy a new head until you are certain that your current head is not compliant!

Helmet:  Your helmet can be from any manufacturer as long as it has a red shell white visor and chin as shown below. We will put in a bulk order as soon as we have confirmation from everyone.


Gloves:  Once again any manufacturer will suffice as long as they are red.  Most guys on the team like these.


Here is the page of all of their Red gloves.


Protective equipment: has a great selection of padding and good sales is also a great supplier with great deals

Cleats, Mouthguard, Cup/Athletic Supporter: Can be found at your local Dick's or Academy.  Cleats can be either football or soccer but the cleats themselves may not be metal.




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