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La Costa Canyon Girls Lacrosse

Team Policy 2015


  1. Academics ALWAYS come first.  Keep open lines of communication with your teachers about classes that you might miss or class work you may need to make up.  Remember to balance your workload and plan proper study time accordingly.
  2. Always BE ON TIME.  Being late to practice, games, bus departure warrants team consequences.
  3. Always let the coach know if you will be missing practice for any reason 24 hours ahead of time. Missing practice without an email, call, or text may be subject to suspension or dismissal from the team.
  4. You must ride the bus TO and FROM away games no matter what. Letters/permission slips to ride with parents are only accepted with legitimate reasons along with a 24-hour notice note from your parent or guardian.
  5. There will be ZERO tolerance for drugs and alcohol anytime during the lacrosse season.  This behavior is a reflection of your entire team and will not be tolerated.  This will lead to immediate dismissal from the team.
  6. Good sportsmanship is always expected.  It shall extend to your teammates, opponents, referees, fans and coaches.  Lacrosse is a game of sportsmanship and integrity and you will be held to the highest standard.
  7. Remember that your conduct ON and OFF the field is a reflection of you, your teammates, your school, your parents and your coaches.  Always act with integrity.
  8. Be accountable to yourself, your teammates, your family and your coaches.
  9. Talking at practice should be “lacrosse talk.”  Please save ALL side conversations for after practice or team dinners!
  10. Come to practice with a positive attitude or please do not bother coming!  Positivity and encouragement go a long way; they produce a positive learning and playing atmosphere.  Negative comments, body language or attitudes will not be tolerated. 
  11. NO complaining, whining, or gossiping. This will lead to suspension of certain activities and or practice.
  12. Come to practice mentally prepared, focused, and ready to work hard EVERYDAY!
  13. Team success is a byproduct of hard work, perseverance, teamwork, trust and having FUN!





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