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Feature List

Websites cost only $90 per year. For each website you sign up for, you get the following:

  • Team website, including 2 Gigabytes of space per website.
  • Create multiple schedules and rosters on one website (for Varsity, JV & Freshman or A, B teams, etc)
  • Full domain of your choice (www.domain.com)
  • Unlimited email accounts (forwarding.)
  • Automatic RSS News Feed creation of your news stories
  • Message Board - Make it visible to only your team, or to all your fans
  • Full stats keeping including box scores
  • Archives of past seasons
  • Networking for parents, booster, alumni, and others to keep in touch
  • Forms section for recruiting or requesting other information.
  • Easy to use Photo Gallery
  • Unlimited pages of your own design
  • Full technical support

Welcome to LaxTeams

LaxTeams was started in 2005 as ialax.com to provide the lacrosse world with easy to administer yet professional looking websites. We have websites tailored to meet any level and most types of programs. Whether a youth league, high school program, collegiate program (club or varsity), post-collegiate team, a US Lacrosse Chapter, a camp or even a league, we can provide you with a great looking website.

LaxTeams also provides your team with an optional web address of your choice (i.e. www.myschoollacrosse.com) which will link to your site here at LaxTeams. You will no longer have to sort through multiple levels of a University's recreation site or long addresses of other popular design sites.

Instead of wasting valuable time creating and maintaining your team's website, LaxTeams provides you with an easy to use administration program that allows your website to grow with your team and includes almost every feature available to NCAA Division 1 teams.  We create the structure, you provide the content.  You don't need to know any web related design language or how to write HTML.  All you need to know is how to use your mouse and your keyboard.

How Does This Work? Who Updates My Site?

We start off by creating a website for you with all of the features enabled and ready to go. Once the site is created, you can edit it from your teams page in your account. Once in the administration area, you can create news stories, edit your roster, add games, write game reports, update statistics, upload photos and files, and do much more. You will be in full control of your site, from the content to the colors and graphics - you will not have to go through us to keep your site updated. We will only get involved with your site if you ask us to or if there are any problems.

Aren't there other sites like this one?

True, there are other team websites, but LaxTeams is specifically tailored towards lacrosse, and isn't riddled with tons of ads or popups (we just have a few ads on the sides to help pay for our operating costs and keep the prices down for you).

As well, we feel like we're providing you with a better deal.  Right now, at eTeamz, if you go with their 'most options' plan you get a miserly 30 Megabytes of space!  That's approximately 25 pictures using a 5 megapixel camera.  Here at LaxTeams, you get 1 Gigabyte of space.  True, it might cost a little more, but you're getting so much more back, such as complete statistics reporting, RSS news feeds, photo galleries, an online store, message boards, etc.

Design Professionalism

We design our websites to strict standards set forth by the W3C so that they will work in and look similar on all major modern browsers and operating systems. The W3C is one of the major groups that sets web page standards. Would you trust a house that was built without using correct building codes? You should expect your website to be designed to the highest standards, and that's what we strive for at LaxTeams.

Why should I pick LaxTeams?

LaxTeams was started by a lacrosse coach who wanted an easy to administer website for his team. By choosing LaxTeams, you will be keeping your business within the lacrosse community as well as receiving an excellent, feature-packed site for a low price.