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Intramural Girls (3rd & 4th grades)



Coordinator: John Delamater 

Schedule: All sessions are 75 minutes and consist of instruction followed by scrimmages.


Field: All sessions will be held at the Back Mountain Recreation fields located on Outlet Road in Lehman, PA.

 Uniform: Each player will be issued a T-shirt which they may keep.


Equipment: Girls regulation lacrosse stick and plastic mouth pieces are required. Cleats (any kind except metal spike) are recommended. Girls lacrosse gloves (like baseball batting gloves) are optional and are generally only used in very cold weather if at all. Protective eyewear is not required at this level as we will be using soft balls.

Plastic mouthpieces can be picked up in any sporting goods store for $1 or $2. They should be a color other than white or clear. Also, if you are buying a stick elsewhere, don't buy toy sticks or boys lacrosse sticks -- make sure to ask for a regulation stick that is approved for girls lacrosse (not boys) all the way up to the HS level.

Stick Length: The shaft of the “crosse” (stick) may be cut to customize the length to fit the player. Ideally the overall length should be about 4-6” longer than the girl’s arm length. Important: the minimum legal overall length of the stick and crosse is 35 1/2”. If the stick is too long and you do not wish to cut it down yourself, the coaching staff will bring the necessary equipment to customize sticks to the first session.



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