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Hilliard Darby Lacrosse Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Hilliard Darby Lacrosse Program is to develop student-athletes of character and integrity who will serve as positive members of the school community and society. The following objectives best exemplify the team's mission.

  1. We will promote pride, unity, and confidence in our school, our community, our family, and our team-family.
  2. As student athletes, the primary objective is to achieve academic excellence. Never shall any player place the game before learning opportunities. The lessons learned in school prepare us to become better men and community leaders.
  3. We will practice positive leadership as team members, family members and community members. We know that at all times, in and out of school, we represent ourselves, our school, our family, and our team-family. We will sometimes be pressed to make difficult decisions in the light of peer/social pressure that have great impact on how all that are associated with us are viewed. These are opportunities for young men to become men.
  4. We will treat every team-family member, and every person with respect and compassion regardless of gender, race, social, economic status, or any other factor adding to an individual's diversity.

The Hilliard Darby Lacrosse Team is committed to growing the sport of lacrosse locally and regionally via meritorious conduct as student-athletes and community members. We uphold the beliefs ubiquitous in our democratic society. We will strive to evolve from young men, commendable men who continue to excel academically, as members of society, and as members of the lacrosse community.



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