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Fall/Winter Vegas Starz Tryouts and Information - Jul 23, 2014


VEGAS STARZ Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Tryouts and Information

 PLEASE read all the information below carefully.


 1) ALL players need to completely fillout the datasheet at the following link:

a) Data will be used for tryout rosters/attendance, as well as final rosters for Vegas Starz and Adrenaline

2) A $200 deposit is required for fall/winter tryouts. Deposits can be paid by check to: Vegas Starz, or by using a link on the Vegas Starz Homepage which will be available next week.

3) Players NOT selected for a team will be reimbursed by check to the address supplied during registration. For players selected, the $200 will be applied to the total fee.

4) Tryout registration fees are required to be paid online BEFORE September 1st, or by check due at sign-in for the first tryout on September 2.


1) Tryouts will be held for both High School and Middle School players on three (3) dates: Tuesday Sept 2Thursday Sept 4, and Saturday Sept 6.

a) Tryouts are at Viper Fields, 6:30p-8:30p

2) ALL players are required to attend AT LEAST 2 of the 3 tryouts to be considered for a Vegas Starz team. There WILL be cuts made; so the more times players are seen, the better the opportunity to make a team.

NOTE: In order to be eligible for West Coast Starz sectional and WCS National teams, or High Rollers invitations, players must be active players on a Vegas Starz Fall/Winter program.


1) Practices will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:30-8:30pm.

a) Practices will be held at Viper Fields.

2) Attendance at practice is REQUIRED and will influence which players earn playing time in tournament events.

TOURNAMENTS (ALL teams to ALL tournaments):

Vegas Starz will participate in five (5) tournaments for the fall/winter season.

a) September 26-27: Adrenaline-Orem, Orem Utah


b) November 8-9; Adrenaline-Scottsdale, Scottsdale AZ


c) December 5-7; Adrenaline-Las Vegas, Henderson NV


d) December 13-14; Adrenaline-Sin City Showdown, Henderson NV


e) January 2-4; 2015 Adrenaline Challenge, Del Mar CA




1) Elite A and Elite B (9th - 12th Grade) as of September 15th

2) High School (9th & 10th Grade ONLY) as of September 15th

3) U-15 (8th Grade NO HS playing Experience!) as of September 15th

4) U-13 (6th & 7th Grade) as of September 15th


1) Total payment amounts will be approximately $1400 to $1600 for high School players, and approximately $900-$1000 for middle school players. Final fee amounts will be announced once Vegas Starz Staff has a better estimate in how many players and teams will be participating.

2) The Total payment is a single fee required for ALL tournaments, by ALL players. There will be NO exceptions.

3) Players are expected to play in ALL five (5) events. Players unable to participate in one or more event are still responsible for payment of the Total Vegas Starz fee-No discounts.

4) NOTE: There will be an ADDITIONAL fee required by each player in the amount of $345 for the Adrenaline Challenge in January. Players will be expected to register online and pay this fee individually.


a) High School Players: Vegas Starz team travel is considered a valuable TEAM BUILDING experience. ALL PLAYERS are now REQUIRED to travel to and from tournaments with their team.

b) Middle School Players: Middle School players are responsible for their own travel and lodging to the 3 out-of-town events.


a) The 2014-2015 fall/winter season is the LAST opportunity for senior players (graduating in spring 2015) to participate and play as a member of Vegas Starz.

b) Vegas Starz recommends ALL 2015 members participate in all fall/winter events, including our COMMITED PLAYERS.

c) This allows our 2015 players to "Pay it forward" and help increase the visibility and interest of recruiters in our younger players.

d) Our committed players attract recruiters to our events and games, and increase opportunities for our younger/uncommitted players to be seen and noticed.


i. Please plan accordingly for the Orem Tournament in September. Players will leave on Thursday evening, and miss school on Friday September 26th. Coordinate with teachers for missed/makeup work EARLY.

ii. Adrenaline-Scottsdale conflicts with National SAT testing (November 8th). Players should deconflict schedules and plan to take the SAT test on an alternate date, keeping November 8th open to be able to participate in the Adrenaline-Scottsdale tournament.



Vegas Starz 2018 Wins Maverik Division Championship - Jul 21, 2014

Congratulations to Vegas Starz 2018 !!!!


2014 MS/Youth Adrenaline-Shootout

U15 Maverik Division Champions!!!

Colorado Springs, CO


Vegas Starz College Commitment - Jul 18, 2014

Vegas Starz / Palo Verde HS Lacrosse College Commitment

Please join us in congratulating Vegas Starz Elite Midfielder Jordan Foster on his commitment to:

Division III-Connecticut College

 Jordan will join the Connecticut College Camels and play for head coach Dave Cornell starting in the 2015-2016 season.

 This is a great honor, showing where hard work and commitment to the Vegas Starz program can lead.

 Congratulations Jordan!


- Jul 16, 2014














































Vegas Starz High School Roster Announcement - May 30, 2014

Vegas Starz High School Roster Selections:

Vegas Starz Elite

Anderson, Jake Driscoll, Trevor   Lovejoy, Josh Schumacher, Evan
Basinger, Andrew Eustice, Gunner Manfredi, Matthew Simoncelli, Bradley
Bradshaw, Chase Florian, Blake Marshall, Christian Swinney, Quinton
Carden, Triston Foster, Jordan McCann, Carson Thrower, Devin
Cheema, Dylan Giuliano, Don Rosas, Johnny Wendel, Nick
Cuff, Eric Huber, Justin Saunders, Wyatt  

Vegas Starz High School

Austad, Zachary Frisch, Brevin Merritt, Trevor Scarcelli, Spencer
Austin, Jacob Larson, Landon Perkins, Jaeger Shipley, Clayton
Boyd, Peyton Libby, Trey Pernell, Trent Toomer, Tate
Buchanan, Connor  Logue, Cade Reiter, Robert Wilkes, Jackson
Clemens, Jacob Logue, Luke Riess, Ryan Zanolli, Vincent
De Sousa, Thomas Malone, Grant Roberts, Hart  

* A big thank you to all who participated in the 2014 Summer Elite/HS Vegas Starz tryouts!

** For deposits from those that did not make the above rosters, please email your address for an immediate return of checks or a refund from any credit card payments to  Thank you all for such a tremendous turnout!!

*** The Vegas Starz Elite and Vegas Starz High School teams are considered All-Star/Competitive level teams. Therefore, fees are for training and the priveledge of being on such a team.

Selection to a Vegas Starz team does not entitle players to equal playing time. Playing time is earned based on performance and team/coach requirements. There will be instances when players train at practice, but receive less field time during team competitions than other players.


Vegas Starz Middle School Rosters - May 4, 2014

Vegas Starz Middle School Rosters!!!!!

Vegas Starz 2019/2020

 Murphy, Jack   Charbonneau, Ryan   Guyman, Matthew   Waldrop, Andrew
 Green, Cole  Slack, Ken  Peretiatko, Cole  Gershman, Noah
 Porterfield, Jack  Marsh, Ryan  Fritz, McCoy  Kuptz, Brandon
 Neuman, Kaden  Touchstone, Keegan  Romero, Boston  Rawsky, Cole
 Edwards, Darin  Hoffend, Nick  Richardson, Lucas  Porteymaur, Matthew
 Gillitzer, Ty  Archer, Jordan  Shively, Tyler  Jean-Francoius, Don

  Vegas Starz MS 2018/2019

 Charbonneau, Brandon  Gibbons, Tucker  Murietta, Matthew  Zanoni, Austin
 McFarlane, Ian  Heffern, Jason  Malone, Ryan  Greene, Garrett
 McNaught, Jace  Terrana, Dominick  Longmore, Jett  
 Thompson, Mikey  Covington, Alex  Slocum, Quinn  
 Bennion, Blake  Ortega, Hector  Heiner, Noah  
 Gilliand, Dylan  Marker, Logan  Jones, Matt  

 Vegas Starz MS 2018

 Jackson, Chase  Marsh, Tyler  Blanco, Marcello  Freestone, Maxwell
Torez, Conner  Nelson, Cyrus  Walker, AJ  Dotson, Cody
 LeCuyer, Ryan  Hicks, Grant  Myers, Jake Gorelick, Ben 
 Damani, Jack  Porterfield, Dylan  Thurmond, Keaton  
 Ferich, Noah  Paige, Brandon  Burns, Brandt  
 Coughlin, Colton  Maddux, Mitchell  Deboni, Barrick  

 ***A big thank you to all who participated in the 2014 Summer MS Vegas Starz tryouts!

 All player deposits from the 2014 Vegas Starz MS teams will be cashed and credited to the 2014 Summer MS Vegas Starz fees

For deposits from those that did not make the above rosters, please email your address for an immediate return of checks or a refund from any credit card payments to  Thank you all for such a tremendous turnout!!


Our first practices will begin on May 27th. Please check this website for times and dates for each team!!


- Dec 4, 2013

LXM/ATS Vegas Tournament Update:

HS Elite, HS Select, and MS Vegas Starz

Practice Thursday 12/5 @Viper 6:30pm

This weekends games can be found by clicking the link below:



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