Boys Varsity Seniors Dedication and Thank you!

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Comments made to SL LAX Varsity Boys Seniors from SL LAX President Myron Moltky:
To Our Greatest Class,
Thank you for everything you have meant to the SL Lacrosse is something that can never be measured only by wins and losses.
YOU have set the pace for future generations of Laker Lacrosse!
We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
These 16 Seniors have defined SL Lacrosse and there is no doubt that future success for each and every one of them is on the horizon.
#4 Colby Brown...if I ever absolutely needed a goal, I want the ball in your stick. IWU lacrosse is lucky to have you next year...Go Titans!
#5 Caleb Montgomery...much respect for you. Your effort, athleticism and pure drive is that ingredient list that every coach needs and every fan appreciates. Thank you for being a Laker!
#6 Gavin Alban...ND gets another RockStar...your leadership on and off the field fueled SL Lacrosse to a glorious season!
#7 Jaiden Lewis...a new precedent has been set for SL goaltending. You created a whole new confidence in the cage that will resonate with our future goalies.
#8 Colin never took a shift set the pace every time you stepped on the field. Crazy athletic skilz!
#9 Ethan Pennington...unselfish sacrifice doing the things no one else could...or would. Best Teammate ever! On ice or turf!
#12 Sean Carrns...absolute warrior that went to battle every night. DU lacrosse enters into a new era in good hands. Go Panthers!
#16 Kameron Norwood...ahhhh what might have been if this program had you during the missing years. You completed the deepest D lineup that ever existed in SL...and by all accounts a teammate that was valued by all.
#20 Noah VerLinde...The Captain. Enough said. Marquette lacrosse gains an incredible leader and legendary SL athlete...Go Golden Eagles!
#22 Dominik Molotky...human highlight reel. Ithaca lacrosse gets instant firepower, a magnificent mustache and an unselfish superstar. Go Bombers!
#24 Mitchell Payne...I don’t think we will ever see another quite like you. Your legend will continue to grow!! MSU gets a great student...and I’m hoping that the lacrosse coach finds out you’re a Spartan!! Go Green!!
#25 Wyatt Lisman...always looked like it was painful for the other team playing against you. Big heart...big effort. Your boys could always count on you!
#30 Keegan O’Donnell...God wasn’t fair to lacrosse offenses when he built a smart, nimble, talented AND BIG defender like you...also best lax hair in SL Lacrosse history!
#32 Joe Chittenden...JoeChit...did you have fun Joe? It always looked like you had the most fun! Human vacuum cleaner, the ball always found a way into your net!
#36 Chase DeVries...always loved watching you play...every second! The Human Missile...thank God you were a Laker!
#51 Nicky words can express how badly your teammates wanted you on the field and how deeply appreciative the SL Lacrosse program is for how you continue to give back. Thank you Nicky!
Myron D Molotky
Spring Lake Lacrosse President


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