Youth Program Overall Summary

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Recently, there have been questions regarding decisions made concerning the SL Lacrosse Youth Organization. Our program is modeled after the most successful lacrosse programs for continued growth, sustainability and overall success attainment at all levels.
I will address the following concerns:

1) Philosophy at each age group & overall direction of the SL Youth Program
2) Additional opportunities for Youth Players


An introduction to lacrosse with focus on basic skill development and a fun environment. The primary goal is a 4-1 ratio practice to games. While games are fun for everyone, practice has proven to be the strongest tool for development. This is supported by US Lacrosse and the finest lacrosse program in the country.
The coaching staffs have been directed that all players are given opportunity to play every position as well as equal playing time for all…win, lose or draw. Please remember, that coaching this age group is comparable to herding cats and that the coaching staffs are all volunteer at this level. Please keep this in perspective, especially at this introduction stage.

Next step in the process of our program with more focus on development of our youth players to become competitive athletes. The goal is a minimum 3-1 ratio practice to games. While we are not looking to define positions at such a young age, some players naturally develop and desire playing time at specific positions.
The coaching staffs are directed to continue development on basic skills as well as introduce next level skill sets at various positions. While equal playing time is a desired result, it becomes incumbent on the players to display a work ethic and continued progress with development at this age level. As the sport becomes more competitive, coaches are encouraged to manage the game based on equal playing time with the latitude to make decisions on player personnel in key 4th quarter situations that may create an opportunity to win the contest.

At this stage, the program’s goal is to develop players in a competitive environment to prepare them for high school lacrosse. Team selection and playing time is earned, and the cultural shift to creating a winning environment is established. Spring Lake Lacrosse is a sports organization that does not award “participation trophies”. The expectations of our athletes at this age group is that they have become competitive athletes with the desire to go next level in their skill development, desire to compete and continue the drive for excellence.


With the continued success and growth of the SL Lacrosse Organization, our program is recognized as a top program in the state. The high school lacrosse teams are consistently producing successful seasons, and expectations are especially high this year. The girls will again be competing for a conference championship and a deep run in the playoffs, while the boys are ranked top 5 in the state.  The boys have secured a conference championship and are also expecting a successful playoff run.

Spring Lake has been invited to participate in tournaments that are outside of our normal schedule. The girls’ program was committed to Queen of the Hill last weekend long before the season started. The purpose for sending all of the girls’ teams is simply due to the fact that it is more difficult to schedule out the season versus the boys’ traditional season. This was included in the fees and allowed us to send all of our youth athletes.

Regarding the boys’ entry in the King of the Hill this past weekend, this was an opportunity outside of the regular schedule and was paid for by each individual parent. With the competitive nature of this tournament and the ability to send only one team per age group, teams were selected based on our athlete’s current skill set and ability to compete at this high level. The coaching staffs have been with this year’s group of players for a period of time that allowed them to assess the talent level to make these decisions.

We have been invited to the Cranbrook Warrior Lacrosse Tournament for all youth level teams on June 1 & 2 this year as well. Again, this is outside activities from the regular youth schedule and will be parent paid. The coaching staffs will be using the same strategy in team selection. Any questions can be directed to the SL Youth Directors or you may feel free to call me as well.

We hope that your athlete is enjoying his /her experience with Spring Lake Lacrosse. As an organization, we are committed to continue to build this program and create a culture that will resonate with our athletes for years to come.

Please remember as we close out this year…we are a Zero Tolerance organization. Respect for officials, coaches, players and other fans is part of who we are and the culture that has made Spring Lake Lacrosse a great organization. Thank you for your positive support of our athletes, coaches and managers…it has been another great season for Spring Lake Lacrosse!

Myron Molotky
Spring Lake Lacrosse President


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