Broncos Sprint Out To Early Lead And Win Game With Vaqueros

Box Score

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  SBCC WLAX At Nationals

Virginia Beach, VA - Boise State University used their quickness to sprint out to a 4-0 lead in the first three minutes of the game and then used that quick start to keep their distance and increase their lead in a 19-11 win over SBCC. It was the fourth game of the event for both teams at the WCLA National Championship Tournament. Each squad had battled their way to this matchup after losing their first game in pool play but then winning two straight games to get to the fifth place game.

It was not the start the Vaqueros wanted but they regrouped after a timeout and then held the Broncos scoreless for more than ten minutes. Sophomore goalie Tatum Davis had 15 saves behind the re-energized SBCC defense but the Broncos with all their possessions all game outshot the Vaqueros 34-24. SBCC scored two goals during that span and were playing much better defense but faced trouble clearing the ball all the way through the midfield and ended back on defense way too much in the game.

"It wasn't truly a drop back zone ride they were running but they were getting two and three attackers on the ball right after our first clearing pass," said coach Paul Ramsey.  "Eventually we started re-directing and switching fields but they earned too many possessions early and used them."

After solving the full field clearing game SBCC played the Broncos to a 7-7 second half. While the Vaqueros solved the transition game for the second half it was wave after wave of Boise State players coming in fresh in an attack and midfielder rotation that stymied a Vaqueros comeback. The Broncos ran lines for both attack and midfield. They switched in four new attackers regularly to have fresh legs for their ride. Then in the next few minutes three fresh midfielders came sprinting in for running the full length of the field.  

"Even with their subbing strategy and their high work rate I don't think it's as daunting a game for us with our skill level if we're not in the 0-4 hole so early, added Ramsey. "We started playing at game speed after we called that early timeout but it was too late." 

Using a balanced share the ball offense even in the face of feeling they needed to hurry up and score to catch up the Vaqueros had seven players get goals and assists as SBCC were 7 of 11 goals assisted.

After the first day of play SBCC realized they needed to play more tough teams all season long, like Utah Valley State was in the tournament opener. Boise State coach Kristin Lund says her team plays in the tougher Rockey Mountain Women's Lacrosse League (rather than a conference that is more local to them in the Northwest) because, as Lund put it during a pregame chat, "the competition is better."  The RMWLL competition got them ready to play post-season and the Broncos finished the season 10-6 overall.

SBCC finished the season 12-3 and Ramsey is proud of the first year team for the season they had for themselves.

"We went to a national level event full of four year college clubs that have juniors and seniors who have been here two or three times and we were 2-2 in the event and competed," Ramsey said, putting the results into perspective. "We won't ever have any third year juniors or fourth year seniors but now we have this experience too."


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