Former PSU Lacrosse Player Matches

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Penn State lacrosse player Kyle Van Thof (PSU '14) was one of the hundreds of Penn State students who registered at the Match4Kim drive held at Penn State in November of 2012. The PSU drive was organized and hosted by Drew Roper (PSU '13) and the Penn State lacrosse team. Kyle and Drew, both midfielders on the Penn State lacrosse team, were college roommates at the time. 

Although Kyle did not match for Kim, he did match for someone else who has leukemia and who needed a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Kyle made his donation in early February. Way to go Kyle! Of the over 4000 people who have registered so far at Match4Kim donor drives, Kyle is the third person who has  matched for someone else and who actually donated life-saving bone marrow for someone in need. To read more about Kyle, click here.

To date, the PSU lacrosse drive remains the largest Match4Kim drive and added almost 1000 people to the National Bone Marrow Registry at Be the Match. Two people have now received life-saving bone marrow donations as a direct result of the Penn State lacrosse drive. Both donors were PSU student athletes.





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