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Individual Honors 



Under Armour Senior All-American

Year         Player  Class  Position 
2010      Will Campbell       Sr. Midfield




US Lacrosse All-Americans

Year       Player Class  Position 
2016 Jared Happ    Sr. Attack
2015  Michael Viera     Sr. Defense 
2014 Josh Happ    Sr. Midfield
2014 Michael Turnbull    Sr. Goalie
2013    Matt Wylly      Sr.  Midfield
2010 Will Campbell        Sr.  Midfield 
2010 Conor Igoe    Sr. Midfield
2009 Pat Riffee     Sr. Attack 
2009 Austin Wright      Sr. Midfield
2008 Nick Beattie    Sr. Attack
2008 Andrew Wilfong    Sr. Attack
2007 John Brelus    Sr. Defense 
2006 Colin Igoe    Sr. Midfield 
2004 Roger Fish    Sr. Goalie 
2003  Sammy Hong     Sr. Attack 
1998 Joel Miller    Sr. Midfield 
1997  Matt Knott     Sr. Attack 
1996  Brian Anderson        Sr. Attack 
1994     Cory Kahoun     Sr. Attack 



US Lacrosse Academic All-Americans

 Year        Player  Class 
2015  Joe Davis     Sr.
2013 Jonathan Watson       Sr.
2012    Nick Bortolani     Sr.
1999 Michael Wheaton     Sr.
1993     Mike Szaabo     Sr.






 Ohio Position Players of the Year 

2016 Chris Reynolds   Sr.   Ohio DII   Goalie of the Year
2014 Josh Happ Sr. Ohio DI    Midfielder of the Year 
2010   Will Campbell Sr. Ohio DI    Midfielder of the Year 
2009 Austin Wright     Sr. Ohio DI    Midfielder of the Year
2008 Nick Beattie Sr. Ohio DI    Attackman of the Year
2006 Colin Igoe Sr. Ohio DI    Midfielder of the Year


  First Team All-State

Year          Player   Div.  Class Position
2017  Grant Snodgrass    DII   Sr. Face Off 
2016 Jared Happ   DII   Sr. Attack
2016 Luke LeVette   DII   Sr. Attack
2016 Chris Reynolds   DII   Sr. Goalie
2015 Michael Viera   DI   Sr. Defense
2014  Josh Happ    DI   Sr. Midfield 
2014 Michael Turnbull    DI   Sr. Goalie 
2012    Tae Young Kim       DI   Sr. Face Off 
2011 Tae Young Kim   DI   Jr. Face Off
2010 Will Campbell   DI   Sr. Midfield
2010     Jake Hertenstein      DI   Sr. Defense
2010 Conor Igoe   DI   Sr. Midfield
2010 Cory Spencer   DI   Sr. Attack
2009 Pat Riffee   DI   Sr. Attack
2009 Drew Roper   DI   Sr. Midfield
2009 Austin Wright   DI   Sr. Midfield
2008 Nick Beattie   DI   Sr. Attack
2008 Andrew Wilfong   DI   Sr. Attack
2008 Austin Wright   DI   Jr. Midfield
2007 Nick Beattie   DI   Jr. Attack
2007 John Brelus   DI   Sr. Defense
2006 Colin Igoe   DI   Sr. Midfield
2005 Colin Igoe   DI   Jr. Midfield
2004 Pat Calhoun   DI   Sr. Midfield
2004 Roger Fish   DI   Sr. Goalie
2003 Alex Daniels   DI   Sr. Defense
2003 Sammy Hong   DI   Sr. Attack
2002      Sammy Hong   DI   Jr. Attack


 Second Team All-State

Year         Player  Div.  Class  Position
2017 Jack Trombetti    DII   Sr. Defense 
2016 Alex Cash   DII   Sr. LSM
2016 Jack Trombetti   DII   Jr. Defense
2015 Jared Happ   DI   Jr. Attack
2014  Taylor Wilson    DI   Sr. Defense 
2013 Jake Roberts   DI   Sr. Attack
2013 Matt Wylly   DI   Sr. Midfield
2012    Charlie Bassani      DI   Sr. Attack 
2011 James Meager   DI   Jr. Midfield
2011 Alex Wylly   DI   Sr. Goalie
2009 Cole Horwatt   DI   Jr. Goalie
2009  Lucas Wood    DI   Sr. Defense 
2008 Pat Riffee   DI   Jr. Attack
2006 Nick Beattie   DI   So. Attack
2006 Reggie Davis   DI   Sr. Defense
2006 Andrew Wilfong   DI   So. Attack
2005 Eric Koening   DI   Sr. Midfield
2005 Coleman Procter   DI   Sr. Attack
2004 Darren Latanick   DI   Sr. Defense
2004 Adam McCollister      DI   Sr. Attack
2003 Pat Calhoun   DI   Jr. Midfield
2003     Mitch Smith   DI   Sr. Attack
2002 Dustin Caldwell   DI   Sr. Defense
2002 Cory Windle   DI   Sr. Midfield




              Inside Lacrosse
 Top 100 College Recruits


Will Campbell (North Carolina)     2010      No. 22    Nationally Ranked Recruit 
Drew Roper (Penn State) 2009 No. 96    Nationally Ranked Recruit  
Austin Wright (Hofstra) 2009  No. 98    Nationally Ranked Recruit  
Nick Beattie (Notre Dame) 2008  No. 100  Nationally Ranked Recruit   





Coaching Awards


Ohio Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Bill Wolford    2015 Inductee


Season Awards

2014  Drew May  OCC Coach of the Year 
2009    Mike Riffee & Jon Ewert    OCC Coaches of the Year 
2008  Mike Riffee US Lacrosse Ohio Region Coach of the Year
2008  Mike Riffee OHSLA Coach of the Year
2008   Mike Riffee MLSCA Coach of the Year
2007  Bill Wolford OHSLA Man of the Year




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